The outside world was interested in whether Hu Jintao, who was taken out of the hall at the closing ceremony of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, attended Jiang Zemin’s farewell ceremony or not. Recent CCTV footage shows that Hu appeared that day, but was followed closely by a guard, which raised suspicion.

According to CCTV, Hu attended Jiang’s farewell ceremony at Hospital 301 on December 5.

CCTV footage shows a tall guard at Hu’s side whether he was quietly mourning, bowing, saying goodbye to Jiang’s body, or offering condolences to his family.

The guard is easy to spot. Since all the guests attending the ceremony wore white flowers on their chests, he was the only one wearing a “work certificate.” When everyone bowed and the guests lined up, this guard remained at Hu’s left, and not in the line up.

It remains unclear whether the guard “accompanied” Hu because of his health or were there “political problems.” Aboluowang quoted some netizens who pointed out that the body and appearance of this guard is somewhat similar to the guard who brought Hu out of the hall at the CCP’s 20th National Congress.

CCTV footage shows that while everyone was bowing, 88-year-old Li Ruihuan stands behind Xi Jinping, without any assistance behind, while Hu is not yet 80. In the video, no former leader older than Hu is accompanied by guards.

In addition, the CCTV video also shows that without the “support” of the guard, Hu is able to walk comfortably without any problems. When offering condolences to Jiang’s family, Hu was able to sit and shake hands with Jiang’s widow Wang Yeping.

No one knows who the guard was.

Aboluowang said that personal guards of retired CCP leaders are arranged by the CCP, which has also become one of the means used to monitor former officials.

Current affairs commentator Zhong Yuan told The Epoch Times on December 5 that the previous official announcement was not to hold a farewell ceremony for Jiang’s remains, and was made by the Funeral Committee, probably initiated by Xi. However, retired senior officials from the Jiang faction were also present on the Funeral Committee, and perhaps Jiang’s family disagreed, so in the end a farewell ceremony was held. This shows that after Jiang’s death, the infighting between the two factions Xi and Jiang will not stop.

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