Alzheimer’s disease has been of little concern, but now it has become an alarming disease in China. 

As reported by Chinese media, data from China’s National Health Commission conference on September 20 showed that about 15 million people with dementia among Chinese people aged 60 and older, 10 million of whom have Alzheimer’s disease.

According to data from the Alzheimer’s Disease in China Report 2021, Alzheimer’s disease now ranks fifth among illnesses that killed people in China in 2019, moving up five spots over the past 30 years. Alzheimer’s disease has quickly developed into a “killer” that preys on the Chinese elderly. 

However, China is still not adequately aware of this disease. How to detect the disease early to take care of the patient properly has not been paid enough attention.

As reported by RFI, experts say China is poorly prepared for the challenge, while this is a growing problem worldwide. The U.S. has 6.2 million Alzheimer’s patients and 73,000 beds in specialist treatment centers. China has more than double the cases of Alzheimer’s as the U.S., but fewer than 200 beds.

RFI quoted Wei Shouchao, a neurologist from Guangdong medical university, saying: “No healthcare problem looms larger in China than Alzheimer’s Disease…. It is the fastest-growing major illness on the mainland, and we are not at all equipped to deal with it.”

Wei Shouchao added that doctors in rural areas are not trained in early diagnosis. Even the capital Beijing has only one care facility with staff trained to assist Alzheimer’s patients.

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