Pandemic prevention and control mahem is regularly occurring in China, including the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. On November 20, at the entrance of a residential area in this city, there was a pandemic prevention recording that played on the loudspeakers over and over: “Any outsider who steps foot in the residential area will be shot dead, immediately executed on the spot.”

One netizen exclaimed: “How many people will be killed all over China?”

On November 21, a netizen with the account Andy posted, “Zhengzhou wants to become a hot spot again: outsiders can be shot or killed, executed on the spot if entering the residential area. China’s meaningless pandemic prevention and control policy is inciting people to kill each other. Only by removing this regime can the Chinese people live a normal life.”

Vision Times has reported that in the video, two security guards are on duty at a community in Zhengzhou, Henan. Residents are going in and out the entrance gate, and there is a banner hanging on the entrance and a loudspeaker announcing: “Any outsider entering the residential area will be shot! People in this community, please present your access control card, outsiders entering here will be executed on the spot!”

This year, too many strange things happened in Zhengzhou.

For example, tens of thousands of workers at Foxconn Zhengzhou walked home at night; people in Zhengzhou could not withdraw money from the bank, and their green health code automatically turned red, preventing them from protesting. 

Netizens expressed their outrage, with Vision Times citing the following,

“How evil it is, how evil it is!”, 

“Don’t force people to death, or the one who is about to die may be yourself.” And another said,

“In Henan, you can be punished on the spot, have all your organs poached, and be sold to buyers at a clearly marked price.” 

One commented,

“The government fighting against the people has turned low-level property guards into ruthless Red Guards!”

The number of daily new COVID-19 cases in Zhengzhou has recently been increasing. According to data reported on the official website of the Henan Health and Medical Commission, from November 17 to 21, 6,365 new cases were added there.

However, official public data has been questioned, and the actual situation could be much worse.

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