BL Corrections Policy and Practice

At the BL, we want all our readers and viewers to be aware of our policy to disclose and correct errors and so here it is. The BL is committed to telling readers and viewers when an error has been made, the magnitude of the error and the correct information, as quickly as possible. This commitment and transparency is applicable to small errors as well as large, to short news summaries as well as large features. If our audiences cannot trust us to get the small things right, how can they trust us on the big things?

Therefore, we encourage all of our readers and viewers to report any BL content errors via our email [email protected]

As soon as it becomes clear that an error has been made and the correct information can be determined, our entire BL staff work diligently to reflect the new information and correct our mistake.

Our relevant staff are all made aware upon hire that errors should not be corrected in the copy without noting a correction at the same time because to do otherwise could lead to confusion, allegations of trying to sweep problems under the rug, and a reduction in trust between the BL and our audience.